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Smokin Clean Hard Bristle Pipe Cleaners
DESCRIPTION    Hard bristle pipe cleaners are the solution to notoriously dirty pipes. Featuring defined and abrasive bristles, these pipe cleaners will rid your hand pipe, one-hitter, bubbler or bong of the most stubborn gunk. These are no ordinary pipe cleaners....
$3.99 USD
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Formula 420 Original Cleaner - 12 oz
A1 - FORMULA 420 ORIGINAL CLEANERPYREX-GLASS-METAL-CERAMIC Formula 420 for Pyrex, Glass, Metal and Ceramic is the original complete 1 minute cleaner. Our exclusive AbrasivAction™ technology eliminates the need for soaking and scrubbing. Simply Shake, Rinse and Enjoy!™ 12OZ | 4OZ...
$16.00 USD $11.75 USD
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