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Smokin Clean Hard Bristle Pipe Cleaners

Smokin Clean Hard Bristle Pipe Cleaners

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Hard bristle pipe cleaners are the solution to notoriously dirty pipes. Featuring defined and abrasive bristles, these pipe cleaners will rid your hand pipe, one-hitter, bubbler or bong of the most stubborn gunk.

These are no ordinary pipe cleaners. The Smokin Clean brand of pipe cleaners have bristles designed for pulling out the stickiest of caked-on much from your daily smoking tools.

Fan Favorite Features

These slim pipe cleaners’ stiff bristles effortlessly loosen up tar, carbon, and grime in the tightest of spaces. As they are strong yet capable of bending with force, you can effortlessly reach areas that are otherwise difficult to clean. Use these hard bristle pipe cleaners to renew the mouthpiece, stem, draw hole, and a bowl of your piece.

Their extra-absorbent 100% cotton filler soaks up moisture and solvents, guaranteeing a mess-free clean. Regularly polishing your smoke pipes with hard bristle pipe cleaners yields a smooth inhale every time.

Here at Atomic Blaze, we don’t just offer sturdy pipe cleaners — they’re also easy to use. Unless you boil your glassware prior to cleaning, there’s no need to wait around—with hard bristle pipe cleaners, your job is done in minutes. You are sure to find that nothing strips grime as efficiently as they do.

Don’t throw away our hard bristle pipe cleaners after one use! Atomic Blaze Online Head Shop carries pipe cleaners of the toughest nature and highest quality—these will last you multiple cleans of the dirtiest glass, metal, and ceramic pipes. Simply soak and rinse the bristles after use.

This exceptional bundle of 24 cleaners is sure to provide you with the precision needed to properly clean a one hitter or other glass pipes. If your pipe isn’t hitting as smooth as it used to, our specially-designed bristles will bring it back to life. Enjoy a fuss-free clean followed by an enhanced smoking experience.


  • Length: 6 inches
  • Weight: 0.17 ounces
  • Abrasive bristles
  • Slim form
  • Slight bend for hard-to-reach areas

What's Included

  • 24 pipe cleaners per bundle

How to Use

Step 1: Get your dirty glass pipe

Make sure you have your dirty pipe in hand, and then push the pipe cleaner into the mouthpiece.

Step 2: If the resin is really thick

If your pipe is really resinated, then you may have to heat it a little You can take your lighter and let the flame hit the parts of the outside of the glass that are particularly clogged. You could boil the pipe for a litte bit, but whaterever you elect to do, the resin should be softer and allow the pipe cleaners to pick up more of it.

Step 3: Try out your pipe

After you have pulled out the black resin to the best of the pipe cleaners ablity, give it a try and see if it is an easier and cleaner smoke.

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