What is a Gravity Bong?

What is a Gravity Bong?

There are very many different ways to get your CBD or THC fixed today, such as joints, blunts, sticks, oil, wax, and much more. At Yoga Smokes, we bring lots of varieties to you. Despite all these novel and new approaches to the use of Cannabis, there is only one thing that remains constant; the choice and use of a bong. As there are several methods for consuming cannabis products, bongs also have various categories and choices which you can choose from.

Some of you have probably heard about many types of bongs, though what is a gravity bong? In this article, we will discuss the different types of bong that might be suitable for you. Gravity bongs and percolator bongs ensure you get maximum pleasure when using Cannabis.

What are the Materials That Make Bongs? 

We will begin to look at different materials that make bongs to see the drawbacks and benefits of every material. Some of the common materials include;


Glass is one of the most popular materials for making bongs. Glass bongs offer a clean and pore taste because glass materials don’t affect the smoke flavor. It is very easy to detect the resin buildup since the glass is transparent. When the buildup creates any problem, it is easy to clean it. However, glass bongs may be more expensive than other bongs due to their benefits and unique features.


After glass, plastic falls as the second material to be very popular. It is used to make bongs since its material is very durable. For instance, when you mistakenly drop your plastic bong when sneezing or coughing, it might not do any damage apart from staining your carpet.

In comparison to glass bongs or other materials, plastic bongs are considered cheaper. Glass bongs are also the best bongs for traveling, since they are not delicate like glass or ceramic bongs. The only issue with a plastic bong is that it may slightly influence the taste of your Cannabis.

Other materials for making bongs include:

  • Metal
  • Bamboo
  • Ceramic

Types of Bongs

The bong designs listed below may be made from any material discussed above. However, some materials are common while others are not, and others are easier to use than others. The bong designs include:

Strait Tune Bong

This bong design is the simplest design you can get. A straight bong has a simple tube that is sealed with a stem at one end and a bowl poking at the other end. You put a bit of water inside the tube, put your marijuana in a bowl, and you get started.

Carburetor Bongs 

Your bong might have a hole in any place, or even it won’t have one. Although your bong contains a hole, it is a carburetor bong; it’s another type of bong if it lacks a hole. Most people feel that a carburetor bong produces a very intense hit. This happens when you remove your finger from the hole in the carburetor, allowing fresh air to get in, which forces the smoke to get into your lungs faster and enables you to inhale the smoke easily.

Beaker Shaped Bong

This bong has a flared bottom that is cone-shaped, just like a beaker. It is stable since it has a large base. When smoking, you add water, your Cannabis, and fire; then you can get started.

Round Base Bongs

Round base bongs can be compared to beaker bongs, since the base is wider than the mouthpiece and the tube. They contain a sphere-shaped chamber for water and a flat base. A round base bong is quite stable because of its flat base.

Other Bong Designs include:

  • Waterfall Gravity Bong
  • Bucket Gravity Bong
  • Percolator Bong
  • Multi-Chamber Bong

Consider trying out all the bongs listed above and even check out the upcoming gravity bong and find the most suitable bong for you, since Cannabis use is more about having fun.  

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A: The benefits of yoga include improved flexibility, strength, balance, stress reduction, better sleep, increased mindfulness, and more.

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A: Yes, yoga is for people of all ages, fitness levels, and abilities. The practice can be modified to meet individual needs and goals.

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