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Red Sage Smudge Stick

Red Sage Smudge Stick

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Red Sage Smudge Stick

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, red sage has been used for thousands of years for its heart-boosting, antioxidant properties. Researchers have described red sage as a potential “red light” to prevent the development of heart disease.

Red sage is known to promote blood circulation and support cardiovascular health. It’s also valued for its neuroprotective properties.

Smudging is a popular practice across several cultures and has been around for thousands of years. Use the White Sage Smudge Stick from the Flying with Air collection to smudge a home or office space and cleanse the negative energy from the sacred area. These are 4" salvia apiana white sage smudge sticks.

What does it do? 
Benefits of burning white sage are the properties sage possess for improving sleep, mood, memory, focus and reducing anxiety. Some people use garden sage in replacement of white sage, but this product is 100 percent white ceremonial sage. We do offer garden sage as a separate herb product and sage oil, if you are needing it for oil or purification purposes.

  • Red Sage Smudge - Hand Crafted from Fresh Dried
  • Size = 4 & 1/4 inches to 5 & 1/2 inches long, by 1 inch to 1 & 1/4 inch wide/thick.
  • Red Sage is used to cleanse, heal, & remove negative energy. It energizes spiritual & magical work, provides protection & good fortune, & enhances health, virility, & power.
  • Photo is a sample. Please expect natural variations.
  • Contains 1 Red Sage Stick
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