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THC Infinity Caviar Blunt 3G – Gas Berry

THC Infinity Caviar Blunt 3G – Gas Berry

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THC Infinity Caviar Blunt 3G – Gas Berry - Hybrid

The mega smoking experience boasts a total of 3 grams;  2 grams of premium flower, ½ gram of live resin oil and ½ gram of triple sifted golden kief. 

Dare we say this strain is gas?  Lemon, blueberry, pine, with hints of diesel and musky notes round out this strain.

Infused with the best selling and potent THC infinity oil blend of Live resin, Delta 8 THC, THCH, Delta 9 THCP and Delta 8 THCP.  Hand packed and finished with a spiral filter for a smooth even burn, heavy hits and long lasting euphoria. These blunts are perfect for a chill afternoon or evening, wind down with Urb to get your mind and body right.  


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