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Soul Stirs - Throat Chakra

Soul Stirs - Throat Chakra

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Soul Stirs are a beautiful & unique way to open up your
Chakra system by infusing your drinks with the power of crystals. Each stirrer has a Chakra symbol design for the top & is filled with polished, natural crystals that work to clear & balance that specific Chakra. Charge the Soul Stir under moonlight & stir it through your favorite cool beverage to direct your intention. The symbol of the Throat Chakra, Vishuddha, tops this Soul Stir which houses our ability to communicate & speak up for what we believe in. Filled with blue lace agate, this Soul Stir helps dissolve old blockages & doubt to allow new methods of self- expression & growth.

Throat: Creativity & Healing. Blue Lace Agate.

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