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Soul Stirs - Third Eye Chakra

Soul Stirs - Third Eye Chakra

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Soul Stirs are a beautiful & unique way to open up your
Chakra system by infusing your drinks with the power of crystals. Each stirrer has a Chakra symbol design for the top & is filled with polished, natural crystals that work to clear & balance that specific Chakra. Charge the Soul Stir under moonlight & stir it through your favorite cool beverage to direct your intention. Ajna, the Third Eye Chakra, is the seat of intuition. It helps call to the dimension of light that awakens wisdom & understanding. Aja represents the duality between the self & the universe. It teaches us the lessons to gather & expand into divine consciousness. Filled with lapis lazuli, aiding one through journeys of self-exploration & communication with self & others.

Third Eye : Clairvoyance & Intuition, Lapis Lazuli.

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