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Saucy THC Diamonds Caviar Flower – Juicy Fruit

Saucy THC Diamonds Caviar Flower – Juicy Fruit

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URB THC-A Infinity Caviar Flower - Juicy Fruit - Hybrid

An artisanal blend of premium hemp expertly trimmed before being coated with premium distillate and dusted with the finest kief.  Featuring a new Saucy THC Diamonds blend.

Juicy Fruit: A cross between tropical and citrus with the flavor profile of plums enveloping this strain.


Saucy THC Diamonds is a throwback to the first Live Resin Saucy Diamond Dabs, combined with Liquid Diamond THCA, capturing the natural terpenes, flavonoids, oleoresins and other oils in the plant as well as the most concentrated forms of cannabinoids for the best entourage effect and taste.

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