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Ooze 650 MAH Battery

Every piece needs a powerful partner, and this battery will be yours. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand or slides easily into your pocket and is discreet enough for the most public of use. With fast and efficient charge times, your 650 Battery will be ready to go whenever you are, and its 20-second auto-shut off feature will keep you in check. With these capabilities at this low price, the 650 Battery will no doubt be one for the everyday.



The Twist Battery is powerful and discreet, like a sidekick in your pocket. This 510 thread vaporizer is compatible with all oil cartridges, wax attachments, and other universal 510 accessories. Screw on your favorite pre-filled cart or elevate the device into something totally different. This battery is versatile!

To use the Twist, click the button 5x to turn it on and off. Screw on your cartridge and click the button twice to activate Prep Mode. This clears any clogs in the cartridge airway, so we recommend running a cycle before every session begins. Select your temperature using the dial on the bottom. Lower temperatures are ideal for oil carts and higher temperatures for extracts. Press and hold the button down to heat the device and take a puff. It’ll heat for 20 seconds until the Safe Sesh Cycle ends, preserving your terpenes’ flavors.

The Twist Series devices do NOT come with their own chargers, so we highly recommend adding one to your order if you do not already have an Ooze Smart Charger. The Twist is covered under the Ooze Warranty Program, but it MUST be used with an Ooze-branded charger or the warranty is void. Only charge the device indoors using a wall outlet. Never charge it in a vehicle.

This battery does NOT include an Ooze charger. You can add one to your order!


  • Ooze 650 Grade A Battery
  • 510 Thread, Voltage 3.7V
  • Available Color: Black/Chrome
  • Matte Finish 
  • 2 Click Pre-Heat Mode 
  • 20sec Auto-Shut-Off 650 mAh Battery 3.7V
  • 3.7V Standard Voltage
  • 510 Thread
  • On/Off Function/Click 5 Times Fast
  • Charger NOT Included
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