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Hand Carved Wooden Pipe - 7"

Hand Carved Wooden Pipe - 7"

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Hand Carved Wooden Pipe with Elegantly Decorated Carvings

This Handcrafted Wood Smoking Pipe is 7in long is made from high-grade natural wood and decorated with a carving.

The bowl and carb cap are detachable and are interchangeable. As seen in the photos: you may set the pipe to be a bowl or a steamroller pipe.  The bowl fts snuggly into the stem of the pipe so there are no gaps between them, where ash can get stuck or fall through!

The overall length of the Hand Carved Wooden Pipe is about 7in (17.78cm), which is the perfect size for just you or a group gathering. 


Material: Wood
Length: 7in (approx.)
Inner diameter: less than 1cm (approx.)
Color: Brown
Portable size, convenient for you use anywhere anytime.

This handcrafted pipe is a great gift for any occasion or for family and friends. It will also make a great addition to your collection of pipes or just as a decorative piece in your homes.

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