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Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter Hot Knife

Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter Hot Knife

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Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter

The Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter is a heated, multi-use dabbing device, designed for sticky, hard to manage oils or waxes. The heat source is carefully calibrated to avoid overheating while minimizing heating time to ensure a perfect cutting/loading temperature. It also doubles as a heated loading tool for our vaporizer pens. Featuring interchangeable heating tips, the Budder Cutter is an innnovative, versatile tool suitable for many different materials and applications. Designed for the Dab Connoisseur.

How it Works

  • 7 different tips included: interchangeable heating tips make the Budder Cutter a multi-use tool
  • Calibrated Heating: designed to heat oils and waxes without burning or vaporizing
  • Exceptional Battery Life: based on our award winning Ghost battery
  • *This unit is not a vaporizer*
  • *Depending on material, multiple button presses may be necessary


  • Multi-Use Dabbing Device
  • Includes 7 Interchangeable Tips
  • Easily Loads Dr. Dabber Vaporizers
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