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Diesel Hemp “Cherry Abacus” CBD Crumble

Diesel Hemp “Cherry Abacus” CBD Crumble

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Cherry Abacus CBD Crumble

Diesel Hemp Cherry Abacus Crumble also referred to as CBD Wax, is one of the only true full spectrum CBD concentrates made for dabbing. Our Crumble is made in-house and is derived from our cultivar specific CBD flower providing a full spectrum canna terpene profile of the Cherry Abacus without any additional processing or refining of the canna oil. 

They never use any synthetic terpenes or any additional terpenes derived from anything else but their own in-house bred and produced hemp cultivars.

1g Full Crumble

Dominant Terpenes:

Cherry Abacus™ – Cultivar Lineage: Original Cherry crossed with Our Original Abacus


What is Crumble Wax?

Crumble Wax is another word for CBD Crumble or CBD Wax


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