What's Yoga Smokes 'SUNDAY EVENTS' about?



  So you probably heard the buzz going around about a local smoke shop hosting events on Sundays. What's that all about? We get that you can just walk into any smoke shop and get what you need when you know what you need when you need it. What about the percentage of people who could benefit from a smoke shop that has more to offer than just some fun humorous products. How about a place where they can offer a little bit more incentives like (i.e meditation for the mind, yoga for stress and aches, mindfulness when it comes to products that can benefit you or a loved one and how about classes where you can learn DIY projects for your herbs or classes to better enhance your experience with oils, herbs, even edibles)?

  Well if it sounds crazy to even be able to find a hot spot like that or your asking HECK YEAH! Sign me up, wheres the spot? I'm here to tell you a place does exist. Yoga Smokes (1762 SE Saint Lucie BLVD, Port St. Lucie FL 34952) is a revamped Smoke Shop where you are treated like family. We pride ourselves on helping our community on having a special safe place where you can become knowledgable and gain tons of insight on how to get the best use out of your products or new products. When it comes to shopping at smoke shops we want our Y.S Family to feel like they are coming to a place where they can receive more than the just the "oh you must be a stoner look." We value ourselves on our customers privacy so they can make a purchase feel like they just ordered a piece of pie. 

  Some events we host are for all ages (minors accompanied by an adult), some are geared for our senior citizens. Other events may consist of a CBD infused Yoga Class or Meditation session. We even have classes for your cute loved fur ones. (Also, if you are ever in the area come on by with your fur friend for some free water in stylish doggy bowls). Have you ever heard of Terpenes? If you have, ever wondered how you could use them in products you like? We also help you guys take a look on how yourself can easily learn on a LEVO machine.

 I could literally go on about Yoga Smokes Event Sunday. The best part is as long as their is a(n) adult accompanying a minor, Yoga Smokes offers classes such as Yoga/Mindfulness Practices/ Meditation sessions for kids and young adults. Get this, while your child is leisurely getting their mindfulness powers parents get to zen out and enjoy the lounge room with some great complimentary perks. 

 Curious yet? If not a whole lot probably just a little. Seriously, this place is worth the check out. Once you walk into this place you immediately feel some type of serenity, in good positive vibrations. Yoga Smokes is one place I know that definitely cares more about their clients happiness and well-being than what's in buyers pockets. Join the K.I.P.P.E.R crew (Knowledge Is Power, Power Enhances Riches), and show yourself that you deserve to feed your Body, Mind, & Soul all that there is within you. Say Y.S to Exploration! 



Come and visit us for a first time sign up gift bag when you sign up for any of our months Sunday sign ups.

         Our First Annual Y.S Sunday Event will be held Sunday 23rd, 2020

                                                     CBD & Yoga

Informative class on getting to know CBD with yoga and mindful meditation infused classes. Must be 21 years or older to sign up for CBD add-on. 18 years or older may join class without CBD add-on. License Will be Required!

Bring your Yoga Mat (limited supply on hand. (Purchasable Mats Available))

                             Location: 1762 SE Port Saint Lucie BLVD

                                                           Port St. Lucie FL, 34952


             Host(es) Bobby & Kassandra Diaz



               $40 Dollars   Admission    -----    $30 Dollars Medical Marijuana Patient


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