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RAW Grinder Super Shredder - Aircraft Grade Aluminum

RAW Grinder Super Shredder - Aircraft Grade Aluminum

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If you roll, you need a grinder. Top of its class, the Raw 2-Piece Grinder is made out of Aircraft Grade Aluminum and is meant to last ages. Also known as the Super Shredder, this grinder will cut your tobacco right and keep its fluff!
The RAW Super Shredder grinder is an absolute top model for discerning smokers. This grinder is made of extremely sturdy aircraft grade aluminum.

The RAW Super Shredder comes in an attractive gift box, including a little note which tells you more details about its history. This high-quality grinder will meet even the highest demands with ease. The RAW super Shredder can easily fit in your pocket. It shreds and fluffs at the same time. A definite must for anyone that grows and rolls their own cigarettes.
  • RAW Super Shredder Grinder
  • Diameter approx. 4.5 cm
  • Two-piece construction
  • Attractive gift box
  • Made from 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy with a strength of 18,000 PSI

 Model:  RAWGR
UPC Bar Code:  716165156598
Brand:  Raw
Type:  Accessory
Accessory Type:  Grinder
Dimensions:  50mm x 22mm
Colour:  Unpainted
Grinder Size:  50mm
Parts:  2 Part
Material:  Aluminium

“We only made ONE style. Just one size, one style of RAW super shredder. It’s an experimental tooth design that we think works better than anything made yet, and yes we compared and compared some more. We used a new eco-friendly super slick finish called EcoSlik and we made them all in sunny California.     We at RAW made only this one style, because it’s the best one and the only one that we need for our daily use. It’s simple, will last you forever (free replacement gaskets for life) and it’s extremely well engineered.    We used 2 different shaped teeth; on top we use Allen-shaped teeth that grip and move the herbs and tobaccos through the bottom sharp diamond-blades ensuring the finished material is perfectly cut and fluffed. Other grinders cut on the top and bottom which sometimes creates a flat mushy mess – especially when you’re using the best quality fresh herbs and tobaccos that our friends grow. 
   We moved the magnet post to the bottom to fix that other problem most other grinders have (you know – where the herbs and tobaccos get stuck in the middle and you have to pick at them with a poker). The gasket is super slick, washable and guaranteed to last a lifetime.     After using the RAW Super Shredder let me know if you agree that our tooth design is the best or any ideas for improvements. The goal is to make the best shredder in the world!” -RAW Founder Josh

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