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Power Water Bottle - Geometric Moons

Power Water Bottle - Geometric Moons

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Metastreem's Geometric Moons Power Water Bottle charges the water with lunar love, ancient astrological wisdom, sacred geometry, and divine light, reminding us that our bodies and earth are also governed by the moon and its cycles. Included with each bottle are semi-precious crystals, charged with the Flower of Life, in a
separate lower chamber to enhance the effects.

This powerful combination of sacred geometry along with the gemstones produces a supercharge for the water that comes from the bottle. Because the semi-precious stones are separate from the liquid area, users can enjoy
pure, clean & energized water at all times.

Each Metastreems Power Water Bottle comes in unique retail packaging. Specifications: Bottle 2.5 in. × 12.5 in. tall | Holds 550ML (190z) I Package 3.5 in. × 14.5 in. tall.

*These products are not designed or created to
cure or prevent any medical issues.

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