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Mitra9 Kava Lemonade

Mitra9 Kava Lemonade

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Experience the revitalizing and energizing taste of Mitra9 Kava Lemonade Drink! This lightly carbonated kava extract blend combines the refreshing essence of fresh lemons with the all-natural sweetness of stevia. 

Indulge in a refreshing tropical delight with Mitra9 Kava Lemonade! This expertly crafted beverage is a harmonious blend of lightly carbonated kava extract and zesty fresh lemons, sweetened naturally with stevia. 

Mitra9 sparkling Lemonade kava seltzers are a tasty way to drink kava. Our kava seltzers contain 333mg of kava extract per can.

Key Features:

Low calorie
333 mg of Kava Extract

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