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KING PALM 2 Flavored Filters – Lemon Haze (7mm)

KING PALM 2 Flavored Filters – Lemon Haze (7mm)

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Add these innovative terpene-infused filter tips to your favorite wrap. The smooth flavors of Lemon Haze make a great companion. A terpene-infused flavor capsule is located inside each all-natural corn husk filter. Just squeeze the filter until you hear a pop and enjoy a burst of Lemon Haze flavors. The 2 Pack Lemon filters will have you crafting the most flavorful wraps.

King Palm flavored rolls have a flavor pearl that sits inside the corn husk filter. The filter won’t taste like it’s flavored until that pearl inside is popped, releasing the flavor into the smoke as it passes through the filter. The flavor adds a subtle burst of sweet flavor that complements the natural flavors of the terpenes in the flower. These palm leaf pre-rolls are biodegradable and are harvested from the Cordia tree. This is a very sustainable practice as the leaves grow in abundance and regrow rapidly.

Even the filter tips are environmentally friendly! They are made entirely of non-GMO corn husks that are tightly layered to create the perfect barrier. King Palm uses only all-natural essential oils to create the flavors, and the entire rolls contain no additives, chemicals, or tobacc o


Product Details:

  • 2 natural corn husk filter tips with Lemon Haze flavored terpenes

    Smooth, Clean Smoke

    King Palm crafts these tips use 100% natural ingredients to help create a smoother, cleaner smoke. Without the presence of tobacc o or any harsh chemicals, these Lemon Haze tips taste delicious.

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