Raw Natural Rolling Papers

The Natural Way To Roll

Since day 1, RAW has been on a mission to be the leader of the pack in the rolling paper industry. RAW revolutionized the smoking world by creating products that are naturally ingeniously designed to enhance the smoking experience.

RAW only makes high-quality & earth-friendly products that improve your smoking experience, and they refuse to ever change what they stand for. RAW paper is made from natural plants with zero burn additives. 

RAW is the culmination of a decade-long project to produce the most rawesome rolling papers ever. Before RAW, there was an ocean of bleached white papers with animal or chemical glues, and no regard for what smokers actually want. RAW Founder, Josh Kesselman, had a vision to change everything.

“RAW was a project that came to mind after a friend gave me an additive-free cigarette in 1993. I thought “If they can make an additive-free cigarette, why can’t they wrap it in an additive-free paper?” I became determined to produce and market the purest cigarette rolling papers possible. I refused to use anything I myself wouldn’t want to smoke (like ash whiteners or harsh burn additives).

They say, “the devil lies in the details”, and the problem was how to bring this ideal product to fruition? It took years of research and development until we finally produced the first sheets of what would later become known as RAW. We blended plant materials until the perfect burn rate, flavor (or lack of it) and consistency was achieved. In the end RAW naturally became a beautiful translucent medium brown that is reminiscent of honey whole wheat bread. I was so proud of this beautiful creation.”

– Josh Kesselman


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