Urb Finest Flowers Delta 8 THC Flower “Tangie”

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Urb Tangie Delta-8 Flower - 5 Grams - Sativa - 19% Potency

A lot of consumers love to consume their flower in warm weather because you can sit outside with the homies and blaze down on some A1 flower!

Well, we have your next summertime smokeable flower!

You can go ahead and thank our friends at Urb for releasing their new Tangie Delta-8 flower.

This new delta-8 infused flower will be a huge hit at any BBQ, lake day, or even sitting on the back patio while reading a book.

Now we all know how popular smokable flower is but nothing will compare to smoking the Urb Tangie Delta-8 flower!

Offering your body and mind with the White CBG flower infused with Tangie delta-8 distillate!

Being a sativa strain, this strain delivers an uplifting experience and even boosts in energy but no matter what you will be feeling good while getting done the stuff you need to get done or relaxing and enjoying the nice weather!