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Space Case 3 Piece Scout Grinders

Space Case Scout Grinders are virtually air tight with the help of 2 incredibly strong neodymium magnets and a nylon gasket which also provides the smoothest operation available. These grinders are made up of 3 sections. Opening the lid exposes the razor sharp, diamond-shaped teeth that can easily slice through the toughest aromatic blends with ease. When the center chamber of the Space Case Scout grinder is exposed, you can see the extra deep chamber where the aromatic blends are stored for use. Space Case Scout Grinders are manufactured with seamed edges. This process requires each unit to be individually machined from a single piece of aluminum, creating an invisible seam leaving the turning movement as smooth as glass.


  • 3 Piece Pocket Size Grinder
  • Razor Sharp Teeth
  • Neodymium Magnetic Lid
  • Built In Storage Case