Source Slim 4 Vaporizer - Travel Kit

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Source Slim 4 Vaporizer - Travel Kit

From Source Vapes, makers of the Source Orb 4, comes the Source Orb 4 Slim Vaporizer. This travel kit comes with 2 different concentrate atomizers with deeper dishes, an upgraded variable airflow system, and the new Source Volt MINI battery with a built-in no-stick wax concentrate jar. At just under 5 inches in length, Source Orb Slim is the perfect companion for vaping wax on-the-go. Made of 100% stainless steel, with high grade quartz atomizers and a powerful battery, the Source Orb Slim delivers exceptionally milky and flavorful vapor from one of the most compact vape pens on the market.


The Source Slim 4 vape comes with 2 different atomizers, each made with inert quartz that preserves what's essential about your waxy oils--the flavors, aromas, and effects. The coilless quartz atomizer vaporizes wax efficiently with a removable bucket for easy cleaning and replacement, while the double quartz rod atomizer generates big clouds of delicious vapor. Enjoy huge rips and intense flavor at low temperatures. Source Vapes has put out a line of 9 amazing wax atomizers, all of which are compatible with the Source Orb 4 Slim, but sold separately. These threaded atomizers are easy to swap out, making for an overall seamless wax vaping experience.


Like its predecessors, the Source Orb Slim 4 vaporizer features adjustable airflow. But this time you have far more control over your hits with the 2nd generation of variable airflow mouthpieces from Source Vapes. Toggle through five different airflow settings to pinpoint your preferred rip, whether you enjoy smaller, flavor-centric hits or larger, milder draws. With Source Slim 4, airflow is easy to augment. Just twist the mouthpiece to your ideal setting and rip away. Source Orb Slim is one of the few vape pens to feature a variable airflow system (VAS), giving you unprecedented mastery over your vapor profiles.


Source Slim 4 is the smallest vape pen from Source Vapes yet. It's also one of the most compact wax pens in general. At just 4.7 inches in length, and weighing only 3.6 ounces, Source Orb Slim is a breeze to carry with you throughout your day. It's also easy to conceal in your hand as you're vaping wax. What's more, Source Orb 4 Slim features a non-stick waxy oil container in the battery for carrying your wax concentrates. With the Source Slim 4 vape, you have everything you need to vape wax with in one of the most compact vape pens out there.


  • Stainless Steel 303 Build
  • Adjustable Airflow System
  • Compact Design
  • Built-In Wax Container
  • Deeper Quartz Atomizers
  • Grade 1 Titanium Coils