Source Orb Quartz Terra Atomizers

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This is a pack of 5 Source Orb Quartz Terra Atomizers. These revolutionary new wax atomizers are an upgraded version of the original Source Terra atomizers which are all ceramic. The new Quartz Terra Atomizers utilize a quartz base which then heats a ceramic dish, which is set deeper than the original Terra atomizers. Combining quartz with Source's Terra wickless/wireless technology means the cleanest, most efficient vaporization possible with a wax pen. These atomizers heat to a much lower temperature (650°F- 750°F) than standard coil-style atomizers (1200°F - 1400°F), which means wax won't burn or singe, resulting in better, truer tasting vapor. Note: These atomizers are fully compatible and interchangeable between Version 2 or later of the Source Orb and Source Globe, as well as all versions of Source Orb Slim and Source Bubbler.