Rush TFN Disposable Pen 1600 puffs Tobacco Free Nicotine

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Rush TFN Disposable Pen

Rush is a Tobacco Free Nicotine company that has nicotine pouches and these disposables. Enjoy the conveniences of a disposable without the worry of the impurities of regular disposables.



Grape Ice:

Experience the bright juicy grape flavor on the inhale with an ice cold grape finish on the exhale.

Kiwi Berry Ice:

The tart and sweet berry flavors and swirling chill of iced menthol are brilliant on their own but adding kiwi takes this flavor to a whole other level.


A juicy ripe strawberry blended perfectly with a dollop of rich vanilla ice cream.


Watermelon Ice:

A juicy concoction of succulent watermelons with an icy twist for maximum flavor.


Blueberry Ice:

A brilliant menthol fruit blend. It retains the complex berry and candied elements but balances the flavor profile with gusts of icy chill.