MJ Arsenal Claude Mini Rig

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ABOUT THE MJ ARSENAL CLAUDE MINI RIGThe Claude is the first MJ Arsenal Mini Rig™ to feature a 10 mm female connection. MJ Arsenal named the Claude after one of the original inventors of the Roman aqueduct system, which revolutionized the way water could be moved and utilized—much like how MJ Arsenal revolutionized concentrate rigs to incorporate water flow in small units. The Claude’s base-mounted percolator sends vapor down to the bottom of the chamber, forcing bubbles to rise through the water to deliver cool vapor. Working in conjunction with the base-mounted percolator is the double uptake recycler, which sends water through two different paths that double filter your vapor. When you use the Claude, you can literally feel the spin cycle as you pull your flavorful vapor through, culminating in an exceptionally smooth draw. The bucket that comes with the Claude is pure quartz; due to the inert nature of quartz, your concentrate’s flavor will remain unadulterated and taste pure with each draw. Crafted from 100% borosilicate glass, the Claude Mini Rig is durable and lightweight.