Urb Finest Flowers Sativa Delta 8 THC Cartridge “Twisted Citrus”

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Urb Twisted Citrus Delta-8 Cartridge - 880mg of Delta-8 THC - Sativa

Don't get it TWISTED we here at Wellicy absolutely love CBD but we always want to get our customers the newest and best hemp products to help them cope with whatever they are trying to combat!

That's why we're excited about the newest and hottest product in the hemp space... DELTA-8 THC!

We have partnered with our friends at Urb to bring you their new delta-8 THC cartridges, and if you are a citrus fruit fanatic you are going to freak when you taste their new Twisted Citrus Delta-8 THC cartridge.

We realize that it has THC associated with it, and you may be concerned about the legality.

We completely understand.

However, the Delta-8 THC used in the Urb Twisted Citrus Delta-8 cartridge is a hemp derived product.

URB leverages a process known as isomerization where they convert hemp derived CBD isolate into Delta-8 THC.

When you receive your Urb Twisted Citrus Delta-8 THC cartridge, you may be taken aback with how clear it is!

Don't be mistaken, this is pure crystal goodness in a tank and once attached to your 510 threaded battery and you take your first puff, you will be welcomed with a bold fusion of oranges and banana flavors.

The overall experience is truly enhanced with the use of a ceramic coil to minimize the risk of burning, while delivering a smooth flavor!

The Urb Twisted Citrus Delta-8 cartridge is a sativa terpene profile, making it be perfect for during the day when you have a lot of stuff to do but don't have the motivation to do it!